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The Perks of Being Wallpaper

Whenever people “don’t know why” they don’t like Martha Jones, it’s because they are racists.

No, it makes you a racist for making such prejudiced assumptions for no reason other than you judge people based on superficial traits like race. That’s just staggeringly ignorant and shallow. Also, what about the black fans who dislike her? Are they racist too?


One thing I can’t wrap my head around with Frozen is the fact that Anna is devoid of personality. I’ve talked about how boring Elsa is but at least she has her ice powers and her fear so that makes her somewhat interesting. Anna is just quirky. That’s it. There is nothing more.

Say what you want…

Powers don’t make you have a personality. Nor do having an unrealistic amount of talents and hobbies like Rapunzel, who if you ask me is far blander. She contributes absolutely nothing unique. She’s basically a mash of every previous Disney girl, but especially Ariel and Snow White. Anna isn’t just quirky-she’s tomboyish with a girly streak, too idealistic, a romantic, an extrovert forced to live like an introvert, seems to care more about Elsa than she does herself. Anna has no super-neato powers or absurdly numerous hobbies to compensate for a bland personality. Though I do see why some may see her that way.
I constantly forget this is a Tim Burton movie till you see Marge’s face.





In 17 years I have never heard the excuse “boys will be boys” used in real life. I don’t understand where this notion of “men can do whatever they want” comes from. From my experiences, it’s always been the girls getting off…

Pfft, I could tell you all about catty. The most common form of bullying I got from boys was exaggerated confessions of love and sexual attraction done for a cheap laugh. I only ever had ONE girl try that with me. One of the worst was when one bully came up with a rose and asked me to date him, and when he saw that I saw through him, he cried crocodile tears and got two other girls in on the joke to iinstill a guilt trip.

I know not all guys are like that. Maybe it’s just the ones in my area. But I was left paranoid of them for years afterward.

*rambling over now*

Funny, that’s what most did to me too. Well, not that bad, but they’d often come up to me and go “HURR DURR HEY MY FRIEND WANTS TO GO OUT WITH U” HUH HUH HUH HEY MY FRIEND THINKS UR HAWT” because I was awkward-looking and very quiet. A girl did that for this jerky boy once too but typically it was boys. And they’ll play off whatever you say, even if you say nothing. Only ONE girl (and her two friends who she switched up a few times) actually bullied me. Boys did it way more. I wonder if these people claiming girls are always worse bullies ever actually got bullied or just met some rude people who happen to be female.

Ned, Sansa, and Joffrey (Part II)


The last Part dealt with the betrothal between Sansa and Joffrey at the beginnings of GOT, and Ned’s motives for it. In Sansa I and Ned III, we see Sansa reacting to Joffrey and the betrothal.

Just thinking about [her betrothed] made her feel a strange fluttering inside,…

Both posts completely right. I have no idea how so many people miss all this obvious truth- it’s a freaking awkward, politically and morally risky situation for anyone, much less a little girl, to be in. She took the neutral/diplomatic stance. You can call it cowardly, but in the end she still saved her family (especially Arya) from the Lannisters’ wrath as well as herself. People need to use a bit of perspective here.

wellbehavedwomendomakehistory sent: I agree with all you said about Belle before. do you think she's a flat out Mary Sue? or just too idealized? I consider her more of a Purity Sue but she does have MS qualities, for sure.


I personally tend to think of Belle as a character with distinctly idealized qualities that are incredibly misinterpreted and incorrectly emphasized by the narrative which adds certain Mary Sue-ish vibes to her characterization because frankly, she bears a striking, almost overwhelming resemblance to Young Adult novels female protagonists who are specifically designed to be perceived as morally and intellectually superior to those other “dumb and slutty” shallow girls (in Belle’s case represented through Bimbettes) due to proud investment in reading books.

The environment she lived in was not oppressive nor was she marginalized or actually otherized by villagers who deemed her as “beauty but funny girl” and even went as far as acknowledging her as “special” but she looked down upon them since they dared to find ways of self expression other than consuming enormous amounts of romantic novels and re-reading them multiple times in a row.

Ultimately, my issues with her character don’t have much to do with her personality and rather with the way she is presented within the narrative. When she claims there is no one she can “really talk to” it’s considerably hard to buy into this statement because the villagers - based on the way they were introduced and behaved throughout the entirety of “Belle” musical number - came off as exceptionally friendly people who minded their own business, worked to make it through the day and never did or said anything malicious or harmful whereas Belle was too busy burying her nose into a book to actually try to reach out to any of them. The narrative expects the audience to perceive Belle’s environment as underdeveloped, problematic and misogynistic society lacking progressive thinking and dwelling on traditional and harmful gender roles when in all actuality what is SHOWN and exposed on screen are people of both genders equally working side by side, be it small business or service work. Interestingly enough, Bimbettes and Belle are the only established “dreamers” in the village, but the first three are condemned and shamed for being sexually explicit and drawn to conventionally attractive man whereas Belle’s agenda is consistently upheld because she doesn’t give Gaston a second glance (and obviously, a conventionally attractive man HAS to be portrayed as inherently evil, irredeemable sexist seeing as apparently only two types of love interests are possible for a woman to have - one she ends up in a successful relationship with and the other one who inevitably likes her solely for shallow and superficial reasons. Disney, remarkably enough, refrained from perpetuating this problematic concept in their later films hence why we get the brilliance of Prince Edward from Enchanted who is just as flawed and not immune to evident narcissistic tendencies as Gaston but is written as incredibly kind hearted, noble man capable of respect and dignity regardless of whether he gets the girl he was initially interested in or not. Phoebus from HonD is another positive example of this trope even though he IS the one that the girl ends up choosing over “beast” of the movie while he and said “beast”/Quasimodo become best friends seeing as conventional attractiveness or lack of thereof is not what defines a person or turns them into exhausted stereotype).

Belle has a fair share of poignant traits and unquestionable merits, she is a good person, a devoted and caring individual marked by perseverance and firm dedication to her morals and beliefs which undoubtedly deserves a credit and respect. That said, the narrative’s insistence on her being an admirably drastic contrast to ~ ~ other Disney females would have been more convincingly and competently executed had the plot been actually structured to highlight her open mind rather than her choice to resort to patronizing tendencies and embrace the role of a woman/savior fixing a misguided man whose severe psychological issues and prolonged depression were miraculously fixed thanks to her moralistic lessons about the necessity of controlling his temper and introduction to - who would’ve though! - literature seeing as apparently reading books is the only way of rehabilitation. The initial premise of the film was supposed to be about acceptance yet the dynamic between Belle and Beast is almost entirely defined by Beast at some point placing Belle on a pedestal catering to all her needs and starting to perceive her as a heavenly godlike creature and his only key to happiness and redemption thus devolving from one unhealthy condition to another.

In a nutshell, my issue with Belle is not related to her behavior or life choices which I can sincerely respect and appreciate but with the way she is supposed to be perceived and the fact that Disney community tends to be fairly certain she is the most revolutionary heroine ever created by Disney because she ~ reads books thus every other Disney female has to be modeled after her is what strikes me as troubling.


I love it when people who have never read the Bible in their lives try to educate me about what it’s actually saying.

Anonymous sent: Woman are supposed to be in the home! Why are u allowed a blog?


Idk where you’re blogging from, friend, but most people I know actually blog from inside their houses.

Also, troll harder. I know you can do better than that. Use your imagination! Let’s see something original. Make me proud.


Shamefully bad attempts at trolling are a side effect of being in the wrong and knowing it.






Do white people even have a culture

No. White people have many cultures.

Whitepeoplehavenoculture is not actually a bad blog

nothingimageliterally nothingimagewe all wear turtlenecks and jortsimageman i dont think ive ever heard of white people having history beforeimagejust us boring white people out hereimagecheck out that exotic white breadimage

You forgot Russia and the Byzantine Empire! That architecture is amazing!

And Gothic buildings are gorgeous.

And this is only clothes, dance, and buildings. We haven’t even gone into food, music, and a bunch of stuff!








I am a 22 year old single female and I am spending my Saturday night talking about brain scans for a friend’s dissertation.


^Found the one normal person in this whole dang thread.


Friendly reminder that religion is a deep, meaningful and personal choice, and is in no way ever a form of ‘cultural appropriation’.

If someone wants to follow Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other religion under the sun, you have no right to deny them that because “they’re white”.

SJWs now confuse religions with races just because they just it based off the majority of the followers’ skin color. Isn’t that… racist?