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The Perks of Being Wallpaper
Anonymous sent: it's really strange that you think fetuses matter more than actual sentient people who can actually feel pain and suffer.


Actually, I think all humans, whether born or unborn, matter equally and deserve to be treated as such.

Ya know, people under anesthesia can’t feel pain. Should they be treated as less than human?

Our ability to feel pain and suffer does not determine our humanity.

It’s really strange that anon never took biology. No wonder they’re too embarrassed to not hide under anon.

It is said that science fiction and fantasy are two different things. Science fiction is the improbable made possible, and fantasy is the impossible made probable.
—Rod Serling (via maxkirin)
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Aug 21
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Aug 21
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The Obsolete Man
Chancellor: You are obsolete, Mr. Wordsworth.
Wordsworth: A lie! No man is obsolete.
Chancellor: You have no function, Mr. Wordsworth. You're an anachronism, like a ghost from another time.
Wordsworth: I am nothing more than a reminder to you that you cannot destroy truth by burning pages.
Chancellor: You're a bug, Mr. Wordsworth! A crawling insect. An ugly, misinformed little creature who has no purpose here, no meaning.
Wordsworth: I am a human being!
Chancellor: You're a librarian, Mr. Wordsworth! You're a dealer in books and two cent fines and pamphlets and closed stacks and the musty insides of a language factory that spews out meaningless words on an assembly line. Words, Mr. Wordsworth, that have no substance and no dimension, like air, like the wind, like a vacuum that you make-believe has an existence by scribbling index numbers on little cards.
Wordsworth: I don't care. I tell you I don't care. I'm a human being. I exist! And if I speak one thought aloud, that thought lives! Even after I'm shoveled into my grave.
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Aug 21
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You cannot erase God with an edict!
 The Obsolete Man (via mistressofpie)
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Aug 21
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Just a little messing around between projects.

He kinda looks like the 9th Doctor here. A British!Twilight Zone starring him or Tennant as the narrator would be cool. Chris for his looks, David for his distinct manners of speaking as 10, like Rod’s.
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Aug 21
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Aug 21
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Aug 21
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all right, the costume is pretty ridiculous looking, but seeing that thing RIGHT AT THE WINDOW was scary.
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Aug 21
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Aug 21
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